About Rental Assistance


The Nantucket Rental Assistance Program (NRAP) provides short-term, temporary financial assistance to help with payments for year-round rental units. Funds are based on financial need to avoid homelessness, eviction, or to move out of substandard or seasonal housing along with other eligibility requirements.


Since November of 2004, NRAP has been able to help more than 500 year-round resident families of Nantucket.

NRAP assistance is often the difference between the family having housing or becoming suddenly homeless. NRAP works in concert with other island groups who are working to help people with housing needs survive on Nantucket.


NRAP has a variety of applicants. Many are Nantucket natives. Many  are single parents, sometimes in the midst of separation and finding new homes. Others are elderly residents and the rest are families. Some families have more than one person working and still are unable to make enough to pay rent and expenses. Some need help due to unforeseen medical emergencies. All of the residents who have been given aid have worked in jobs in many different arenas of island life, most earning at or below 80% of the Area Median Income. Many of NRAP applicants are retail workers, office workers, construction trade workers and service sector employees. Many of our clients are recommended to other available services, such as WIC (Women, Infants, & Children), the Food Pantry, and Fuel Assistance programs.


The Nantucket Rental Assistance Program (NRAP) was founded in 2004 by the Nantucket Interfaith Council to help address a critical need on the island for year-round, working class residents to find and afford stable year round housing. The program is designed to prevent both homelessness and sub-standard living conditions by providing moderate and low income working families with help to either:

  1. Pay first and last month rent to move from sub-standard or seasonal living situations into stable year-round housing
  2. Pay a substantial amount of the monthly rent for a short period to help the family deal with a temporary financial crisis due to illness, temporary wage loss or other critical emergency
  3. Pay a small subsidy over a longer period to help cut the family’s cost of housing.

Both NRAP and the Food Pantry work closely with other housing and human service groups on the island, including the

  • Town Office of Human Services and the Nantucket Healthy Community Collaborative
  • The Planning Board Housing Planner
  • A Safe Place
  • Housing Nantucket
  • Nantucket Housing Authority, Habitat for Humanity, the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, social service agencies and the like to provide a coordinated effort to help families in need.

Executive Director,  – Janis Carriero