Food Pantry Eligibility

Our goal is to prevent Nantucket residents from going hungry.  Anyone who is experiencing financial difficulty in obtaining food for themselves and their family is eligible for Food Pantry assistance.

In order to receive food, a client is required to provide minimal information so a simple registration form can be completed.  This information is used to develop general statistics and is kept confidential.  We also assist our clients who have further needs by referring them to other programs, such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and NRAP (Nantucket Rental Assistance Program), which also operates the Fuel Assistance Program.

If you are in need of Food Pantry assistance, please stop by on Tuesday or Thursday between 4 and 6PM.  Food delivery can be arranged for seniors or disabled persons who are unable to visit the Food Pantry.

To request assistance, or for more information, please call Director Anne Marie Bellavance at 508-228-7438.  We are here to help you.