Donating Food & Food Drives

The Food Pantry gratefully accepts quality food donations.  We pride ourselves on providing nutritious basic foods and other choices for our clients.  Thank you for assisting us in this process.

Make sure all donated food items are non-perishable, unopened, currently dated, and in good condition.
Please do not drop off food at the Pantry, or leave food outside the Pantry door.
Please leave all donations at the designated drop-off locations listed below.

Drop-off Locations:  both Stop & Shops, Nantucket Cottage Hospital, First Congregational Church, St. Mary’s Church, St. Paul’s Church, Summer Street Church

Large Donations:  Contact Director Anne Marie Bellavance at 508-228-7438 to schedule a special drop-off or pick-up.

Food Drives:
Thank you for generously putting in the time and effort to manage a food drive with your organization.  Food drives are an important community connection for the Food Pantry.  They bring to donors and organizers a deeper understanding of the need for food assistance within the Nantucket community, while giving everyone involved a glimpse of the work necessary to meet that need.
We request that each organizer call Director Anne Marie Bellavance at 508-228-7438 to schedule their Food Drive, and to receive a packet to assist in running the drive.  Thank You!

Preferred Items:
Health rules require us to purchase refrigerated and frozen food (for example, milk, chicken, hamburger, eggs, and butter).  As a result, monetary contributions are always welcome!
Because of our affiliation with the Greater Boston Food Bank, we are able to get some basic foods without charge.
We encourage food donors to choose items from the following list:

·          Dry Bagged Beans (Small Red Beans preferred)
·          Canned Tuna Fish (Solid White in Water)
·          Canned Salmon (in Water)
·          Canned Hearty Soups (Progresso, Low-sodium preferred)
·          Whole Wheat Pasta
·          Macaroni and Cheese
·          Hot Cereals (Oatmeal)
·          Cold Cereals (whole-grain, low sugar)
·          All-fruit Jams and Jellies
·          Canned 100% Fruit Juice Concentrate (not frozen)
·          Salsa
·          Dried Fruits/Raisins, Fruit Leather (100% Fruit)
·          Ovaltine
·          Instant Breakfast Drinks
·          Snack Foods: Low or Reduced Fat Crackers (Ritz, Saltines, etc), Whole Grain Crunchy Granola Bars, Microwave Popcorn, Snack Pack Puddings (Shelf Stable), Unsalted Nuts/ Sunflower Seeds

Share Your Harvest”

In an effort to expand the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables to its client community, the Nantucket Food Pantry is inaugurating a program to involve individual, family and group gardeners as suppliers of fresh produce.  Known as “Share Your Harvest” the program is intended to ensure that Food Pantry clients have access to local fruits and vegetables while reducing community-wide fresh food waste and spoilage.

This new program is based on a very successful public service program of the Garden Writers Association launched in 1995, known as “Plant a Row for the Hungry”. Since 1995, over 20 million pounds of produce providing over 80 million meals have been donated by American backyard gardeners. All of this has been achieved without government subsidy or bureaucratic red tape – just neighbors helping neighbors.

The program undertaken in association with Sustainable Nantucket is designed to make maximum use of the bountiful crop produced each year by the many group, family and individual gardeners on the Island.  Since in most instances, specific crops ripen at one time resulting in more produce than the gardener can use or share with friends/family, the Food Pantry will be happy to collect the excess quality produce and supply it to the over 300 families who make use of the Food Pantry on a regular basis.

Food Pantry volunteers will be available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to pick up the already harvested fresh fruits and vegetables from gardeners who contact the office on Friday (for pickup the next Tuesday morning) or Tuesday (for pickup on Thursday morning).  Or gardeners can drop their bounty off at the Food Pantry location, at the rear Candle Street entrance of 10 Washington Street on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2pm and 4pm

If you are interested in participating as a gardener or volunteer or want more information, please call the Nantucket Food Pantry at 508-228-7438 or email Anne Marie at